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Reflections from acclaimed musician and visual artist, Lonnie Holley’s interdisciplinary residency at Pulp
Donzii (Miami, FL) performing live to tape in Studio A!
The Katara Trio perform live as the first installment of a new series at Pulp called the Garden Sessions.
Miami, FL

We've been spending a day here and there with old friends and our old tape machine...we feeling old out here. We didn't have much of a plan, but after it was all said and done, we thought it sounded pretty good and you might want to give it a listen. So we are gonna dump it all out there into the world as it happened. Here comes Donzii from Miami!

Performance: Donzii
Additional Drum Machines: Danny Clifton
Dancer: Baker 
Audio Engineer and Video Editor: Davis Hart
Videography: Abigail Clark

The Katara Trio
Tampa, FL

Lonnie Holley

At the close of 2020 we had the great pleasure to host Lonnie Holley (Atlanta, GA) for an interdisciplinary artist residency. The accomplished improviser and visual artist spent his days immersed in creation, bouncing between the recording studio and crafting new sculptural and painted works in our fabrication shop.

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