Covid-19 Guidelines

Pulp Arts is working continually to refine our practices to make sure your sessions with us are as safe as possible during the Covid-19 era. This means that recording and all work at the studio will look much different for the foreseeable future. Above all else, we want to assure you that we take our clients’ and engineers’ health and wellbeing seriously. 

We’re sanitizing the studio and equipment in between sessions, practicing social distancing, have hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, and are limiting the number of people in the building at all times. Below you can check out what our guidelines and expectations are before your session.


There are no penalties for rescheduling studio bookings for health reasons.

Stay home if you’re not feeling well! We’ll find a new block of time for you after you’ve received negative test results. Masks are mandatory at all times inside the buildings at Pulp Arts.

The only exceptions are for artists who are actively recording vocal or wind instrument parts. Respect social distancing protocols whenever possible. This applies to all common spaces, the control room, and the live room.  Studio A Covid Capacity is now 5 people.

Studio B Covid Capacity is 3 people. Our staff can help you out with coffee and tea, but we’re asking clients to not use the kitchen area for food preparation at this time.

The front lounge allows for socially distanced meals, but we prefer clients to eat outside when possible.